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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all our trips are private - we do not sell open tours - if you would like to book a trip, then it will just be you, and our guide.

If we are running more than a single trip on the same day, we will sometimes collect all groups at the same time, and deliver the orientation together, before each group leaves with their own guide. This cuts our costs, meaning the more of the money you spend can be used to aid our work.

n.b For occasions when more than one group has booked the same programme option, for the same day:

We have a checkbox in the enquiry form, asking if you wish your trip to be private or whether you are happy for others can join.

  • If you are happy for others to join your group, please check this box.
  • If you wish your booking to remain private, just leave the box unchecked.